Medication Therapy Management in Action

pharmacist2We intervene with prescribers and make therapy recommendations such as decreasing the number of medications a patient takes, substituting expensive medications with less expensive alternatives, adjusting medications or dosages to be safer for elderly patients, eliminating duplicate therapies, increase patients’ adherence to medication therapy.

What to Expect in Your First MTM Meeting

Your MTM consultation will be held in a private room in the pharmacy where you will meet one-on-one with your MTM pharmacist. An initial visit may last from 30 to 45 minutes. The pharmacist will ask you questions about your medical conditions, your medical history, and current and past medication use. This information will be used to assess your current medications and identify any problems with your medications.

With your permission, the pharmacist will contact your primary care provider and present his/her assessment and recommendations. Your pharmacist will work closely with your primary care provider to make your health care as effective as possible and resolve any medication-related problems.

You should plan to see your MTM pharmacist three times during the first year, or more if needed, and two times in each subsequent year to provide an ongoing assessment of your health status and medications.