Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Encompassing all aspects of pharmaceutical care to improve the quality of life in humans and animals alike.


1. Identify and address any medication-related problems, following the process to ensure that therapy is appropriate.

2. Work with all healthcare professionals to ensure that the patient is receiving the optimal care.

3. Respect and recognize the values and abilities of colleagues and other health professionals.

4. Follow the Policies and Procedures in place at our institution which support the requirements of AHCA, ASHP, CMS, DEA, EPA, HIPPA, JCAHO, NABP, and USP.

5. Risk takers, who identify and promote change.

6. Respect the bond between the patient and pharmacist, ensuring that patients receive the optimum benefit from their medications and endeavors to maintain the patient’s trust.

7. Promote the welfare of patients in a caring, compassionate and confidential manner.

8. Promote the right of self-determination and recognize the individual value of patients.

9. Act ethically and with integrity keeping patients informed about their treatment and acting with professional conduct.

10. Show exceptional “pharmaceutical care” at all times.