Dermazinc with Clobetasol Spray

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We’ve been seeing a lot more compounding prescriptions for a novel combination of Dermazinc with Clobetasol 50 mg in a topical spray.

Our patients have been telling us how well this has worked for them, we had to share on our site, and one of them brought us a clinical trial report to post as well. (Click here to read more, note a new page will open up)

From the above website:

Abstract: Psoriasis is a common and difficult condition to treat. Corticosteroids and other agents are often used. Zinc pyrithione has been used for other related conditions. This study compares the use of combined micronized clobetasol propionate and zinc pyrithione (DermaZinc™ prescription strength) together VS control cream and generic clobetasol propionate alone. The one month study was double-blind controlled with treatments applied on either side of the body in a randomized fashion. There were 36 patients enrolled in the study. Of those, one was disqualified due to possible improper usage of the two test products DermaZinc™ Spray compounded with 50mg micronized Clobetasol Propionate VS generic Clobetasol Propionate, and three were disqualified due to substantial lapse of time between appointments. The psoriasis was examined for the following parameters: erythema, scaling, and thickness. The results demonstrate that the DermaZinc™ Spray compounded with 50mg micronized Clobetasol Propionate was significantly more effective than the generic clobetasol propionate alone for each parameter. In addition, the DermaZinc™ Spray compounded with 50mg micronized Clobetasol Propionate cleared lesions faster compared to generic Clobetasol Propionate. We conclude that there is a synergistic effect of using corticosteroids with zinc pyrithione in the treatment of psoriasis.

Please note that his compound requires a prescription and is not covered by insurance. Also, we can only compound for Florida Residents Only. Call us today for more information.